From 1st February 2016, Landlords who let private rented accommodation must ensure that they have done a ‘right to rent check’ for all new tenants beginning their tenancy from 1st February 2016. The reason behind this check is to make sure that the prospective tenant has a right to live in the UK before allowing the tenant to rent the property from them.

The industry expert panel involved in creating the ‘Right to Rent’ scheme were from various trade bodies, charities and local authorities. The government intends the update the landlord code of practice for ease for tenants and landlords alike and to reign on issues involving immigration including allow people who do not have a right to remain in the UK to rent properties in the country.

The penalty of up to £3,000 per tenant could be given to any landlord who is found letting a property to someone without the right to remain in the country. If a landlord using a letting agent, the landlord is responsible to making sure that the agent completes all of the checks on their behalf.

If a landlord discovers from using the tool that a person is no longer legally allowed to rent the property, the Home Office is to be contacted or face a fine for non-disclosure.

To use the tool for your prospective tenant visit:

Plus a checklist can be found at:

For a full list of acceptable documents for proving relevant nationality: